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Latte Art Workshop


This class is a hands-on training workshop focusing first on developing and refining the technique for steaming milk in order to pour latte art, and an introduction to the three basic latte art designs: Heart, Rosette and Tulip. In small groups under the supervision of a DCSI Latte Art instructor, students have the opportunity to practice texturing milk and pour. The latte art technique takes hours of practice to perfect; accordingly students should not expect to master the latte art technique during class time, but will be prepared to practice effectively at their café to refine and develop latte art skills over time.

Course Details

Course code: LAWL1
Required Prerequisites: EOEL1: Essence of Espresso & EWL1: Espresso Workshop

Cost: $150 per person  ($130pp for 2 or more people)
Class size: Max 8 students
Duration: 2.5 hours

Package Available

Includes courses:

  • Essence of Espresso EOEL1
  • Espresso Workshop EWL1
  • Latte Workshop LAWL1

Cost for this package (3 courses) $390 per person.


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