Danes Barista Pathway

The Danes (DSCI) Barista Pathway or qualifications are as follows:

Formare Barista: (trainee) level

Essence of Espresso and practical Espresso workshop completed. One day course with DSCI Formare Certificate received on completion.

Barista Level I

Danes theory and practical test. DSCI Barista Level I Certificate received after successful completion of exams.

Barista Level II

Barista Level I certificate achieved. Advanced Machine Course completed. Danes Filter brew course completed. Latte Art Workshop completed. Six (6) students under the tuition and guidance of a Danes Level I student have been trained and successfully graduated to become DSCI Danes Barista Level I. DSCI Barista Level II certificate received once completed.

Avanzato: (Advanced) Barista

Honorary title and certificate for Danes head trainers with minimum three years in the role. Roasting training completed. Cupping training completed.

Maestro: (Master) Barista

Honorary title and certificate provided to Danes trainers, coffee champions, for contributions to the craft and coffee industry.


Exams and Qualifications

DSCI Barista Level I Exams upon appointment.

DSCI Barista Level II Qualification upon completion of pre requisite training and successful introduction of 6 Level I Baristas trained and or mentored by you and the DSCI Barista Level I pathway.

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