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Advanced Espresso Machine Course


Finally, a course to help baristas understand and operate the advanced espresso machines. Multi Boiler, multi pump, brew ratios & calibration for best results, temperature control and temperature setting for best results (origin and blends), pre & post infusion, water quality and more.

A revelation in the Art and Science of espresso production with plenty of tasting and experimentation to set you on the path to the perfect espresso. Conducted on the famous San Remo Opera espresso machine. Prepare to be amazed!

Course Details

Course code:  AEMCLII
Course name: Advanced Espresso Machine Course (Multi Boiler, Multi Pump, Brew Ratios)

Cost: $255pp ($225pp for 2 or more)
Class size: Max 8 students
Duration:  4 hours (+1 hour lunch break = 5 hours)

Package Available

Includes courses:

  • Essence of Espresso EOEL1
  • Espresso Workshop EWL1
  • Latte Workshop LAWL1
  • Filter Brewing Workshop FBWL1
  • Advanced Espresso Machine Course AEMCLII

Cost for this package (5 courses): $845 per person

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